Unitization and Redetermination (U&R)

Technical and strategic advice founded on detailed procedural understanding

For a number of years GCA has been involved in work relating to equity determination, field unitization and filling the role of independent expert in matters of dispute over oil and gas field ownership using a variety of procedural styles—from pendulum arbitration to complete technical autonomy. Such disputes are not only concerned with cross-permit boundaries, but can also involve international boundaries requiring inter-government agreement and treaties. The interdisciplinary nature of field participation may involve geoscientists, engineers, administrators, lawyers, accountants and environmental specialists. Although the primary basis for determining equity shares is technical, by its very nature the outcome is commercial and the unique blend of technical and commercial experience in GCA serves to makes us an ideal advisor in such matters, since we can bring all the required skills together in one organization.

GCA services in the U&R arena include unitization technical advice (acting for one party in its technical submissions), unitization strategy advice (helping develop negotiating strategies) Unit Agreement advice (both in their preparation and in the interpretation of procedures), and acting as an independent expert. In addition, GCA hosts U&R workshops and seminars for individual clients and for ”open-house” cross-industry audiences in Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.