Unconventional Resources

Unlock potential with GCA’s knowledge and new technology

Unconventional resources exist in petroleum accumulations pervasive throughout a large area, which are not significantly affected by hydrodynamic influences. These resource plays include coal-bed methane (CBM); basin-centred gas; shale gas; shale oil; gas hydrates; natural bitumen; and oil shale. Typically, such resources require specialized extraction technology.

GCA has expertise in assessing the potential of such accumulations through resources and reserves evaluations developed in the North American shale plays. Many of these evaluations have involved detailed technical and economic evaluations in support of significant asset acquisitions. However, GCA’s capabilities and experience also include the assessment of international opportunities in South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australia; fracture propagation prediction; resource exploitation design; evaluation of technological requirements; and production performance evaluation and optimization.