Technology Assessment

Optimize solutions using GCA’s multidisciplinary expertise

GCA offers independent technology evaluations to ensure project success. We assist clients in selecting the appropriate technologies for the job, taking into account CAPEX, OPEX, efficiency and reliability.

GCA is able to assess and value downstream crude oil/LPG/condensate transportation; supply/distribution and marketing assets in the refining and petrochemical sectors; and analyze the economic feasibility of capacity additions, new process units, alternative process configurations and the technical/commercial merits of one technology versus another. An in-depth knowledge of international crude oil and refined product supply, demand, pricing and product specifications ensures GCA's advice and proposed technology solutions are realisable within the evolving refined product and petrochemicals marketplace.

Similarly, in the gas sector, GCA's in-depth experience of analyzing the technical, economic and strategic aspects of LNG, methanol, ammonia, GTL and other downstream processes is brought to bear for those clients wishing to make an informed choice when assessing optimal gas conversion options. Within this, GCA is able to apply in-house knowledge and economic models to analyze all aspects of each gas monetization option—from the technical and economic merits of each process, through to end-market dynamics likely to influence product absorption and price.