Technical Due Diligence

Focused opportunity evaluation and informed risk assessment

Technical and commercial due diligence for the acquisition or divestment of assets is one of GCA’s core businesses. We can assist in all relevant technical and commercial matters to prepare economic evaluations, valuations, suggested ranges of bids and bid criteria and tactical negotiating help for any specific opportunity. GCA will assemble due diligence teams, often at short notice, containing all relevant disciplines to support data room evaluations. GCA’s work can begin with simple pre-data room analyses from public domain information, which can allow targeted use of a data room to focus on key elements of an asset or assets, through full technical and commercial due diligence, either for indicative bids or for confirmatory due diligence.

Working closely with operators, potential investors and financial services providers, GCA due diligence teams provide detailed independent assessments of resources and reserves along with associated capital and operating costs. Key to all due diligence exercises is capturing the full range of potential volumes and values by quantifying project risk and uncertainty. The economists in GCA’s due diligence team construct cash-flow models specific to the petroleum contract terms and translate independent technical ranges into associated economic evaluations.

GCA is able to support its data room work with personnel to undertake field inspections. Post-acquisition, GCA offers support services to integrate new assets and assist in the transition of the business to new owners.