Unitization and Redetermination

Strategic advice founded on detailed procedural understanding

For a number of years, GCA has been involved in work relating to equity determination, field unitization and redetermination. The interdisciplinary nature of field participation can involve geoscientists, engineers, administrators, lawyers, accountants and environmental specialists. Although the primary basis for determining equity shares is technical, by its very nature the outcome is commercial. The unique blend of technical and commercial experience in GCA serves to makes us an ideal advisor in such matters, since we can bring all the required skills together in one organization.

GCA’s unitization and redetermination (U&R) advisory services have covered technical, strategic, procedural and training aspects. To help prepare technical submissions on behalf of one party, GCA will build a detailed reservoir model on which to run sensitivity analysis to assess the parameters having a material impact on tract participation (TP). To develop appropriate negotiating strategies, GCA will consider the technical sensitivity analysis and the consequent risks and opportunities associated with alternative bases of TP. Procedurally, GCA regularly assists with the preparation and detailed interpretation of unit agreements. Building on the diversity of each U&R project we have been involved in, GCA offers client seminars or workshops that describe the optimum procedures for unitization and subsequent redetermination.