Technical, strategic and commercial consulting and expertise

GCA's original purpose of generating business solutions to complex, multi-disciplinary problems, remains at the heart of everything we do.

GCA provides all the expertise typically found in an integrated E&P company (explorationists, geologists, reservoir engineers, petroleum economists, development planning, legal and strategic advisors). However GCA is equally familiar with the ambitions of concessionaires or financiers and thus GCA can provide impartial advice to all decision makers.

Although GCA is best known for Reserves Reporting (due to public domain releases), the bulk of GCA's work actually involves other detailed and integrated techno-commercial analyses across the petroleum value-chain.

GCA's deliverables are developed for both a technical and non-technical audience and are therefore extensively detailed as appropriate.

GCA, the energy to help you succeed.

Technical Services

Pragmatic advice rooted in detailed industry knowledge

Strategic Services & Support

Thoughtful counsel from seasoned energy professionals

Commercial Services and Advice

Business solutions and advice to boost your bottom line