Litigation and Arbitration

GCA provides impartial opinions internationally

Disputes between parties arise for numerous reasons; price disagreements, definitional disagreements, contractual interpretation variations, estimation of losses or gains, valuation, or any such similar matter. Additionally, the range of business areas within which disputes develop is also extensive; from exploration through development, production, drilling, marketing, sales, pipelines and downstream. In our 50 years of business, GCA has acted either as a representative of one side of a dispute, as an independent advisor to an arbitrator, as the arbitrator itself, or as a constituent member of an arbitration panel. With a familiarity in all oil and gas disciplines, we are well-equipped to respond to single or complex matters of dispute.

GCA can work with clients on a broad range of issues, including:

  • Price disagreements
  • Definitional disagreements
  • Contract interpretation
  • Loss or gain estimation
  • Valuation

GCA reviews the merits and weaknesses of complex technical and commercial arguments to condense impartial opinions into clear, cohesive submissions that may include expert witness testimony. GCA can also offer expert opinions to outside lawyers or in-house counsel at any stage of the legal process.

GCA offers technical research and analysis to assist in the preparation of cases in court proceedings and arbitration hearings across a broad spectrum of jurisdictions, from the International Chamber of Commerce, to courts of law in various countries. GCA integrated technical teams provide expert opinion and guidance to lawyers and in-house legal teams, often advising on the arguments at an early stage to assist in the direction of the client’s case. GCA has a number of individuals who are highly experienced in expert work.