Licensing Round Management

Global experience in all aspects of hydrocarbon bid rounds and licensing

GCA is a leading international advisor to the oil and gas industry on the privatization of government businesses and assets, and on the complex mix of issues associated with attracting international capital to national energy sector development. GCA has unparalleled experience in assisting government ministries to organize and prepare for managing and regulating foreign or private oil and gas companies.

In many cases, GCA’s role involves working with the national oil company (NOC), and its investment bankers, accountants and lawyers, to develop contractual and regulatory frameworks and processes for offering projects for foreign and private investment. GCA’s technical and commercial experts then assist the client to assemble the optimum asset data-packages to be offered to investors and to conduct the offering process. This usually proceeds through multi-asset bidding rounds involving “roadshows,” meetings and negotiations with prospective investors. GCA’s experts adopt a multidisciplinary approach to the design, management and implementation of the bid round licensing process.

Many key individuals within the company have decades of experience, making GCA the recognized leader in launching successful offerings, covering a wide range of assets, target markets and fiscal regimes. GCA’s bid process encompasses technical assessments, economic and fiscal analysis, contract development, detailed marketing, and logistical planning and execution.