Hydrocarbon Commercialization

Optimizing commercialization options for maximum project value

Whether an upstream asset produces crude oil, natural gas, condensate, or any combination of these, a constant theme for any commercially successful development is the need to ensure production is targeted toward a suitable market, where offtake can be assured and the price received for the hydrocarbon maximized. In essence, assessing the feasibility of any upstream development must take into consideration the whole value chain on an integrated basis.

GCA looks at the development of hydrocarbon resources “in the round”. GCA’s in-house midstream and downstream specialists provide a truly integrated solution to our clients, whereby we are able to analyze and provide advice on the best options for moving production to market. Examples may include assessing the transportation of crude oil by pipeline versus marine tankers; identifying the optimal target refining market based on refinery configuration (both existing and any potential new additional capacity) and crude oil characteristics; assessing future market demand and pricing for crude oil and refined products; and identifying optimal options for monetization of gas. Gas monetization options will include the assessment of gas reserves and production potential compared with prospects for local-market demand and pricing, or export market options, such as LNG, marine compressed natural gas (CNG), GTL, methanol and ammonia/urea. In addition to the integrated supply/demand/pricing aspects of GCA's work, our specialist midstream/downstream knowledge and skills can be applied on behalf of our clients to drill down into specific areas. These may include optimization of energy sales/purchase contracts; technical/commercial risk assessment; and strategy formulation.

Overall, GCA’s process/chemical engineers, commercial/market analysts and economists combined with our subsurface and surface specialists offer a powerful resource base for all of our clients, enabling us to offer solutions that consider all aspects of a project.