Gaffney, Cline & Associates     

Impartial, confidential, technical, commercial and strategic advice

50 years of excellence in energy industry consulting
Gaffney, Cline & Associates (GCA) is a global oil and gas consultancy that has been offering technical, commercial, and strategic advice to the oil and gas industry for more than 50 years. GCA was established in 1962 by two far-sighted oil industry insiders, Peter Gaffney and Ben Cline. These two pioneers could see that the petroleum industry needed energy consultants with broad skills and extensive experience to solve complex technical and business problems across the entire petroleum investment lifecycle.

Unparalleled integration of technical, strategic and commercial insight
GCA is particularly recognized as one of the leading providers of Reserves and Resources assessments, which are required for many purposes including statutory market reporting, stock exchange listing, development planning, project finance and asset valuation.

Full range of oil industry disciplines
GCA offers a full range of Upstream, Midstream and Downstream consultancy services from seismic interpretation, static/dynamic reservoir modelling, field development planning, facilities and pipeline engineering, gas monetisation (including LNG/GTL), mergers and acquisitions, unitisation and redetermination (U&R), as well as expert witness work.

A global presence and established reputation
GCA operates worldwide from three main offices, in London, Houston and Singapore supported by regional offices in Buenos Aires, Sydney and Dubai.

On these pages you can view:

How we help: 'Services' encompassing Technical, Strategic and Commercial decision-making

What we've done: 'Credentials'. GCA's clients receive utmost confidentiality. However you can read about some typical projects recently undertaken in core areas. We recognise that every project is different and are always available to discuss your potential requirements.

Who we are: 'Our Experts' includes biographies of some of GCA's key personnel, who bring their own experience to each project and combine it with GCA's corporate experience. GCA staff have diverse backgrounds including employment with international and national oil companies as well as service companies and financial institutions. Significantly, staff are fluent in many languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

What we think: 'Focus' contains GCA's regular industry commentary and insight articles. Staff are active in professional bodies and at public events so you can follow their public contributions in all areas of interest using the links within the Focus section.

Technical, strategic and commercial consulting and expertise

GCA's original purpose of generating business solutions to complex, multi-disciplinary problems, remains at the heart of everything we do.

GCA provides all the expertise typically found in an integrated E&P company (explorationists, geologists, reservoir engineers, petroleum economists, development planning, legal and strategic advisors). However GCA is equally familiar with the ambitions of concessionaires or financiers and thus GCA can provide impartial advice to all decision makers.

Although GCA is best known for Reserves Reporting (due to public domain releases), the bulk of GCA's work actually involves other detailed and integrated techno-commercial analyses across the petroleum value-chain.

GCA's deliverables are developed for both a technical and non-technical audience and are therefore extensively detailed as appropriate.

GCA, the energy to help you succeed.

Technical Services

Pragmatic advice rooted in detailed industry knowledge

Strategic Services & Support

Thoughtful counsel from seasoned energy professionals

Commercial Services and Advice

Business solutions and advice to boost your bottom line

Pragmatic advice stems from detailed technical insight

Whether you're exploring a new basin, facing challenging reservoir characterization while planning a field development, looking at late stage enhanced oil recovery (EOR) or any other technical challenge, GCA's experts have the capabilities to support you, gained from working hundreds of assets in a multitude of petroleum basins around the World.

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Exploration Studies including Basin Evaluation

Proven geoscience track record

Prospect Evaluation and Exploration Risk Analysis

Independent volumetric assessments and risk estimates

Reservoir Characterization

Multi-disciplinary teams are fundamental to our approach

Reservoir Modelling

Data integration and uncertainty recognition

Independent Reserves and Resources Assessments

The cornerstone of GCA’s advisory work and clients’ E&P value

Competent Person’s Report

Trusted, independent opinions concerning stock exchange listings

Unconventional Resources

Unlock potential with GCA’s knowledge and new technology

Field Development Planning

Integrated support to evaluate and select optimal development solutions

Technical Due Diligence

Focused opportunity evaluation and informed risk assessment

Unitization and Redetermination (U&R)

Technical and strategic advice founded on detailed procedural understanding

Thoughtful counsel from seasoned energy professionals

GCA's senior staff have extensive careers in technical leadership and business management roles acquired from the corporate oil industry. They are ideally experienced and grounded to provide the right solutions for our clients. GCA personnel have years of experience working for clients such as IOCs, NOCs, finance providers and other stakeholder organizations.

Further, GCA has unparalleled experience in working with governments and national entities, both to provide support for the strategic definition of energy policy and to assist in its implementation.

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Energy Strategy and Regulatory Frameworks

Help for regulators promoting energy sector development

Licensing Round Management

Global experience in all aspects of hydrocarbon bid rounds and licensing

Exploration and Resources Maturation Strategies

Tailored portfolio management systems for oil and gas clients

Technology Assessment

Optimize solutions using GCA’s multidisciplinary expertise

Petroleum Business Consulting

Adopt best practices with GCA’s broad industry insights

Partner Identification, Evaluation and Selection

Exploit GCA’s 50-year knowledge of energy industry players

National Energy Planning

GCA understands that national clients have unique needs

Litigation and Arbitration

GCA provides impartial opinions internationally

Unitization and Redetermination

Strategic advice founded on detailed procedural understanding

Business solutions and advice to boost your bottom line

Almost all GCA's projects involve some degree of commercial assessment for evaluation of economic performance. This can be as simple as Economic Limit Tests (ELTs) and Net Present Values(NPVs) or involve more complex commercial modelling as required in, for example, gas monetization net-backs, or development planning scenario evaluation, or complex loss assessment for a legal process.

From its offices around the world, GCA has strong contacts with the financial markets and can draw on these contacts as required. Whether it be an IPO, Financial Fundraising, Mergers and Acquisitions or Due Diligence, GCA's reports are trusted across the financial sector as being some of the most rigorous and reliable available.

Further, GCA's in-house legal team and economists have considerable experience, on behalf of both private and state companies in valuing properties, negotiating, creating options, analysing proposals, drafting agreements and closing transactions with potential partners.

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Hydrocarbon Commercialization

Optimizing commercialization options for maximum project value

Market Analysis

Bespoke reports as well as regional reviews

Hydrocarbon Transportation Analysis

Identifying the best option for moving hydrocarbons to market

Financial Feasibility Studies

Proven credibility among potential investors and financiers

Asset and Corporate Valuations

Robust commercial evaluations for M&A and financing

Market Listings

Expertise in Competent Person’s Report (CPR) opinions